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Terry Nall Announces Candidacy for Dunwoody City Council District 1

I announce my candidacy for the Dunwoody City Council District 1 post.

As an experienced, former City Council Member and a financial services executive, it is time to bring back a CPA to Dunwoody City Council. Nearly two years into the pandemic and the negative impact on city finances, my financial and business expertise is again needed on Dunwoody City Council to rebuild a solid financial foundation for today and the future.

Dunwoody has grown in popularity due to our prior investments in high-quality amenities and always with fiscal responsibility. The pandemic downturn impacted city finances, so we now need experienced leadership to build a sustainable path to protect our reputation as the best place to live, work, and play.

Dunwoody is a community hungry for expanded parks, trails, connectivity, safety, and a refresh of Dunwoody Village with vibrancy, while completing our unfinished projects and promises from pre-pandemic. I am eager to take this step and excited for the possibilities that will unfold from my proven leadership.

The top priorities I will lead for District 1 include:

  • Dunwoody Village: Establish the long-awaited “Town Green” in Dunwoody Village to make the Village a memory-making destination to enjoy food, drinks, and music from quality restaurants while the kids play in a green space. It is time to make this a reality.
  • Parks Improvements: Establish a sustainable funding plan to support parks programs, parks maintenance, capital improvements at our community gems including Dunwoody Nature Center and Dunwoody Cultural Arts Center, plus complete the build-out of four park sites, which includes District 1’s old Austin Elementary School and Perimeter Center Park.
  • Connectivity: Accelerate connectivity projects of trails and sidewalks to fill in missing gaps at a faster pace, especially for safety along heavily traveled roads, such as District 1’s Dunwoody Club Drive and school routes due to the relocation of Austin Elementary School.
  • Safety: Increase public safety by stepping up the retention and recruitment efforts for Dunwoody Police with funding and support to overcome the new challenges experienced by law enforcement and restore Dunwoody PD as the “police agency of choice.”

As a Scout leader, I teach the belief of leaving our space better than we found it. This belief reflects my lifelong passion for public service and is centered in Dunwoody. I love this community and how it has benefited our family. My kids know Dunwoody as a wonderful community growing up with memories that improved with each year. My daily focus is ensuring others have this same opportunity with their families. Working together, we will make it happen.