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Past Service To Dunwoody

Promises Made. Promises Kept.

I have a strong track record of keeping the promises I make to the citizens of Dunwoody through many years of service. I believe in an open and transparent city council and holding leaders accountable to the promises made during an election and during a leadership term. It is important for city council members to work ethically, which is why I am running for City Council. 

I am proud of what we have accomplished together and look forward to keeping more promises. 

Pedestrian Safety, Streets, Sidewalks and Trails

Promise Made: Pave the worst streets first and invest in multi-use trails across Dunwoody, connecting neighborhoods

map of city streetsPromise Kept: Aggressively advocated for additional funds for paving, targeted toward neighborhood streets. Adhered to objective rankings of laser analysis performed on all city streets to determine priority of “worst first.” By the end of 2019, 60% of Dunwoody streets were paved. Supported funding for sidewalks and pedestrian safety plans for school routes and other heavily used areas. Supported multi-use trail network, including facilitating hotel-motel tax funding.


Dunwoody streets
were paved

Dunwoody Schools

Promise Made: Advocate for Dunwoody Schools in DeKalb County and the State of Georgia.

Promise Kept: Initiated Dunwoody City Council legislative priority beginning with the 2013 General Assembly session to explore Dunwoody School District. Successfully lobbied DeKalb County School Department Board of Education to adopt a dual accreditation path via Georgia Accrediting Commission due to the “probation” status to Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation. Supported the land swap deal that allowed a new Austin Elementary School to be built in the same area, preserving the network of Dunwoody neighborhood schools. Regularly meet with Principal Advisory Councils and other school support groups to hear concerns and needs of each local school from elementary school, to middle school, and to high school.

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Promise Made: Keep taxes low and protect against risks and excessive debt. It is important for the City of Dunwoody to be careful stewards of how taxes are spent.

Promise Kept: Fought hard to ensure the millage rate remained unchanged. The result was there was no long-term debt incurred, other than for the City Hall building.

terry nall and veteran


Promise Made: Maintain appropriate level of police protection throughout the city of Dunwoody.

Promise Kept: Advocated for initiatives to keep more officers available to citizens through the addition of civilian prisoner transport officers, false alarms reduction and a Crime Response Team for targeted, proactive policing, such as in school zones. Pushed for automated gated communities’ access for improved response times.

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Promise Made: Enhance parks incrementally with budgeted funds.

Promise Kept: Annual improvements and additions to existing parks and new parks added without incurring debt and behind the higher priorities of police and paving. Supported improvements to Dunwoody Nature Center and Windwood Hollow Park, the addition of two new parks (Georgetown Park and Pernoshal Park), and significant investment in Brook Run Park, including the largest investment in the history of the city, totaling $7.5 million.


$7.5 Million Invested Into Parks


Promise Made: Take a measured approach to overall city growth, while instituting a balanced mix of growth and development.

Promise Kept: Protected traditional homeowner values against higher density lot sub-divide requests. Sought negotiated improvements to prior county zoning entitlements, including a reduction in planned apartment units. Led initiative for more rigorous building code requirement of concrete and steel for buildings over three stories, including housing improvements for multi-family housing units in 2019.

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