Vision for the Future: Priorities Going Forward

1.  Accelerate the city-wide paving with a full project completion plan and annual benchmarks to measure.

During the Council Retreat, he proposed such a plan.  “We made a promise to our residents that every street in Dunwoody would be paved.  We must honor this promise sooner, rather than later.  Setting a target completion date for paving all remaining streets with funding to achieve annual benchmarks allows us to honor this promise sooner, rather than later.”  Over the last 4 years, Terry Nall aggressively advocated for more funds devoted to annual paving and extended the additional paving funds deeper into the neighborhoods.

2. Continue right-sizing the police and leveraging technology for improved efficiency.

A regular on police ride-alongs to observe bottlenecks, this led to his push for an ordinance to reduce the number of false alarms; a civilian prisoner transport officer to keep police officers available on our streets; a Crime Response Team for targeted enforcement, such as in the school zones; and most recently, an automated access control system for gated communities by police vehicles.  “Right sizing the police for our needs doesn’t always involve hiring more officers.  Many times it involves using better technology and operational efficiencies to free up officers for more availability of patrol time.”

3. Continue “pay-as-we-go” park improvements with a focus on much-needed recreation fields and ball courts, by using the DeKalb County parks bond settlement funds at Brook Run Park.

“Given the $4 million settlement of the parks bond litigation with DeKalb County, we now have the opportunity to develop the balance of Brook Run Park’s open areas for the recreation fields, ball courts, and other amenities that have been on hold pending this litigation.”

4. Implement property tax relief for residential homeowners as the tax digest grows, whether by increased homestead exemption or by millage rollback.

“During our quest for incorporation, we told citizens we could operate this city with the residential tax digest that existed in 2008.  Now that the tax digest is recovering back to 2008 levels, I will honor that unwritten covenant and seek property tax relief for homeowners.”

5. Continue the push for an independent Dunwoody School District.

Early on, Terry Nall requested this initiative for the City Council’s legislative priorities for the General Assembly.  He also worked tirelessly for two years to achieve full accreditation of our high schools through the Georgia Accrediting Commission.  Successfully achieving dual accreditation ensures our students can graduate from an accredited high school and not risk losing the HOPE or other scholarships due to lack of accreditation.  Taking the next step to an independent Dunwoody School District will add substantial value to the Dunwoody education outcome.”