Vision for Today and the Future: A Better Dunwoody

Dunwoody is a community with a special quality of life that makes us unique in the Atlanta area, including a low cost of living thanks to our homestead exemption and careful government budgeting, amenities both within our town and close by, and a diverse network of neighbors and neighborhoods.

We’re respected and highly sought for stellar public safety; connected trails and sidewalks; improved intersections and road improvements that help us all travel throughout our city; wonderful parks and arts facilities we all enjoy; and an amazing array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options in Dunwoody Village, Jett Ferry, Winters Chapel, Georgetown, and the Perimeter Center areas.

Dunwoody just keeps getting better, year after year, as we keep a laser focus on fiscally responsible government while we continue to create “A Better Dunwoody” we all value.



  • Expand incentives necessary to always retain Dunwoody’s reputation as the “police department of choice” to police recruits.
  • Expand technology tools to aid crime prevention and criminal investigations.
  • Ensure the pace of police coverage availability and incoming 911 calls
  • Stay ahead of crime incidents to maintain a leading public safety edge.

EMS Ambulance

  • Continue to hold the DeKalb County ambulance provider accountable to our contract standards of response times and advanced life support services. Accept nothing less for the safety of our residents, businesses, and daily visitors.

Dunwoody Schools

  • Dunwoody schools and our community are integrally connected. While we continue to work toward a future independent school system and other options, we have to leverage the limited powers given to our city by the State of Georgia to advocate for our schools’ needs.
  • Strengthen relationships between the City of Dunwoody with key DeKalb County School District staff members.
  • Establish Mayor’s Schools Advisory Committee to facilitate lines of communications across each Dunwoody school’s elected parent Advisory Council with City Council to help guide assessment of local school needs and develop strategies for a unified message to DCSD and the DeKalb Board of Education.

Pedestrian Safety

  • Complete the remaining implementation of the pedestrian safety plan, including the safety street lighting of all main roads, sidewalks, and pedestrian crossings, and fill in gaps where lighting is absent but needed for safety.


  • Continue the city’s early promise of paving all residential streets and convert to a reasonable, scheduled paving cycle to keep pace in the future.
  • 60% paving is completed, but 100% is the promise to be honored.


  • Continue the measured pace of improving problem intersections that mitigate construction fatigue and is fiscally responsible.
  • Seek to add a new intersection for improvement each year, if financially feasible.


  • Continue our measured and methodical approach to a balanced mix of growth and development.
  • Negotiate lower densities in the Perimeter Center  to lower overall traffic volume and congestion.
  • Seek out public amenities in new zoning requests.

Economic Development

  • Task the Dunwoody Development Authority to assist with the transformation of Dunwoody Village by leveraging incentives for achieving desired redevelopment, as specified in the Dunwoody Village Master Plan.
  • Continue working collaboratively with commercial property owners across the city to remove impediments for redevelopment of dining, shopping, and entertainment amenities in our commercial areas and to fulfill our master plans.

Trails, Sidewalks, and Connectivity

  • Continue connecting segments of the Dunwoody Trailway.
  • Ensure our trails connect to other trails and serve a purpose.
  • Complete our city’s first set of cross-city sidewalks from city limits to city limits.
  • Extend sidewalks to connect to neighborhood amenities.


  • Seek out and leverage all possible funding sources for parks and arts improvements.
  • Expand programming partners to enable residents the ability to pursue their passion of activities while the city maintains the park facilities.
  • Implement the Community Arts Master Plan.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Work proactively beyond annual budget through a 5-year forecast identifying funding shortfalls and reviewing all available solutions.
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